Saturday, November 8, 2014

Rock Our World.

When things go wrong and troubles lie around your own front door
And those you love are hurting too but you can’t help any more
There is a place beyond the skies above where dreams can all come true
For God has many helpers who reached Heaven before you do.

I believe our Mums and Dads with Grandparents galore
Are waiting for instructions to help their loved ones more
Could God hand out a message for how they might assist
And smooth the path just now and then? No parent could resist!

I cannot swear that this is true, but my idea of fun
For I would love just one more time to see my Grandad run!
Our God’s a God of miracles and pours out love on us
We all know He makes exciting plans when we don’t make a fuss.

So tell Him all, so quietly, for He hears whispers best
Then slide your arms around His neck, your head upon His breast
Your hope becomes your future His plans are set in Rock
For God can do just anything and your world too can rock!

W.B. Nov ‘14


Elizabeth said...

Yes! Rock my world Jesus! \O/

Elizabeth said...
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