Thursday, February 27, 2014

I Must Keep Writing

I know I must keep writing though it’s only tossed on water
For I am urged by the Spirit so to do
These words that comfort me have a purpose I don’t see
But I know that if He wills, they’ll come to you.

Please know He feels your pain and weeps with you again
As you kneel at His feet and tell Him all
He knows your future will be bright though it’s not like this tonight
And He’s holding you so you won’t trip or fall.

When I lean on someone else though God never takes offence
They are human and just cannot hold my weight
They already carry burdens and the one that does it best
Waiting patiently, He bids us come and wait.

His timing is not ours and though minutes feel like hours
Each whispered prayer’s in Heaven right away
He already has a plan but he’ll please you if He can
Though it’s best to let the Lord have His way.

W.B. Feb ‘14

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