Saturday, February 8, 2014

Where Are We Seeking God?

Where are we seeking a glimpse of our God,
In some grand and glorious sighting?
In beauty of Nature in sky or in sod
Or in visions or dreams so exciting?

Yes, He will be there, but have we overlooked
That He comes to us in the humdrum
In meaningless tasks with no reason or rhyme
In the humble performance of jobs done.

It is when we are faithful in each little thing
Whether we see it or no
That each task’s that our duty when offered in love
Is the source of God’s smile as we go.

So God can rely on our faithfulness there
Where no flags and no trumpets declare
Yet He can be seen in the light in our eyes
And He knows we are faithful right there.

No hint of drudgery follows the tasks
When we make them an offering to God
And nothing we do if it’s more than He asks
Would be leaving the paths that He trod.

W.B. Feb ‘14

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