Monday, May 4, 2015

Choose Now This Day

You will never leave us, nor will You forsake us
In the shadow of the cross is where I’d make my home.
My pain is your pain Lord, You Who took the blame, Lord
Wash me in the blood now, be my shelter if I roam.

Listen to the good news those who think they should choose
What they make of their life if Christ should call you home?
Will you let Him stand alone here, the God of Heaven Who holds you dear
Longing for your company as He guides you to his Home.

The clock of Life will stop one day when Christ returns to make His claim
And those written in the book of Life will join Him in the sky
Too late to cry, “But wait, but wait, I’m ready now, I did hesitate
Another chance, have mercy now on a sinner such a I.”

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