Monday, April 27, 2015

My life is Yours

My life is Yours; I cannot sing
Yet You have given me everything
Sweet music sounds in silent ears
You stroke my head You dry my tears
My hope and future in Your hands
Behind these walls or in foreign lands.
I know You wish me nought but good
My heart still sings though I wish I could.

My joy comes now from those who can
And bless us with their heart and hand
Such melodies are made in Heaven
To strengthen us whether one or seven.
They maybe songs from long ago
That we’ve forgotten but need to know
How much Your love has shielded us
The cross, the blood You shed for us.

Musicians , singers, please be bold
Break out the music that you hold
Refresh our hearts; lift up our heads
We hunger still for music’s threads
Send it with love , we’ll love you back
Songs old, some new, just play that track!
We’ll practice for that heavenly choir
And spread God’s love, our one desire.

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