Sunday, April 12, 2015

Can I Write Too Often?

Can I write too often of Christ’s pain on the cross
When the Father gave up His Son? Was Christ’s life a total loss?
Why did He die for the sins of the Godless many
Was anyone grateful? Did He find any?

Just now and then would you sit and ponder
Of the love of the Father and His Son now up yonder?
Thirty three years watched by His mother
Praying for each other as this world He discovered.

The love and the hate in this world He would sample
His death changed our future His loving was ample
Thank You thank You, Jesus now we kneel at Your throne
Thank You for Your death now we have become all Your own.

Spirit fill our hollows, burn out all the dross
Let us walk beside You as You carry the cross
Thank You for forgiveness, patience, mercy too
Can we reach the manhood that we have seen in You?

Yes, the journey’s difficult, blessings mixed with pain
But with healing for our frequent wounds touched by Your love again
We hail the future promised we promise to be true
Looking for eternity that we will spend with You.

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