Thursday, April 9, 2015

Good intentions

How empty are our days oh Lord when they’re not spent with You
Intentions then however good can’t fill the hollow made
By absent heart and absent mind, by love not hot and true
And though You’re near, eyes pleading yet, Your precious figure fades.

Father I vow I shall not wait till trauma cuts me through
I would be pure and faithful I know I need Your touch
I’ll seek You out, the living Fire, to burn me through and through
Each breath I’m given is straight from Heaven and in Your power I trust.

Give me a heart just like Your own to pray the lost ones home
And add my voice to the Spirit’s call naming all that are lost
Give me a heart in which I don’t live; a heart that never roams
For all that I am and have is Yours and You have paid the cost.

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