Saturday, May 30, 2015

How Much I Want To Tell You

How much I want to tell you, friend, Christ’s love has changed my heart
With your non judgemental loving soul I never want to part
I know the pain you often bear that I can’t take away
It wrenches through the heart of me most every night and day
Our God is love; He weeps with us and longs to take us Home
But we wander aimless through our times instead of kneeling at the Throne
There’s oh so much to say and do when I would hold you near
I soon grow tired when age claims strength. I’m little use I fear.

I could borrow wings from strengthened owls to fly both near and far
To catch a tear or stroke your head to be close to where you are
Your time and strength for other’s need will work alongside mine
While angels watch with eagerness to fly to you one more time.
And so too slowly sometimes the sands of time move on
Until one day we notice that time is almost gone
Our love will hold and linger, our memories won't fade
The love first came through Jesus Christ then History was made.

W.B. May '15

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