Friday, December 19, 2014

Not Just For The Birds

This morning before the sun came up I listened to a bird
He was hidden in the blossoms of a tree in my front yard
I couldn't see the bird at all or know what kind he was
But I knew he was singing praises to his Lord, almighty God.
Can we do that and sing a song or whisper a sweet prayer
To Our Lord Who gave His life for us when we weren't even there?
Can we hold up the cross of Christ and thank Him for all the pain
He bore in dark and Godless hours giving all for us again?

First he gave up His glorious home and the father that he loved
To be mocked and scorned and tortured by those God had made and loved
And at the end from that harsh cross His Father turned away
As the sin we hold so closely identified with Christ that day.
Tomorrow's news and headlines, today's blackest of all sins
Lay on those Holy shoulders as our Salvation did begin
How can we brush aside these things as insignificant
When Christ the Son of God reached out to conquer sin and want?

So Christmas time is here again with a sweet and Holy Babe
Born in the shadow of a cross for those He came to save
A greater love has not been known and we should love Him too
For our 'little' sins would drag Him back to the place He bled for you.
We are redeemed! Wake up! Wake up! Our Lord will come again
And hold us in His eternal arms; forgotten all our pain.
We are free to love and free to fly; look into worlds unknown
And safely in our Father's arms we know we're going Home.

W.B December '14

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