Saturday, January 24, 2015

I am here Lord, my Saviour I am following You
I know You are near me though I don’t know what to do
I saw the blood spattered on the judgment hall’’s floor
As You looked to Your Father to strengthen You some more

Is it worth it dear Lord even one drop of Your blood?
This angry revolutionary not seeing what he should?
If Your death is eternal then it’s a wasted life
And I will smite every one of them that took Your precious life.

Am I the Judge? Then who is God? The Father took Your hand
And whispered words of comfort for death inside this land
While You, the obedient, fast held by sinners bands
Envisaged the redeemed souls already heaven bound.

It’s not too soon , nor yet too late to kneel at holy feet
And offer up our souls to the Son of God so great
He gave His all, His inheritance and took on all our sin
To see the gates of heaven open to gladly let us in.

W.B ‘15