Sunday, May 20, 2012

Could It Be Love?

I get up each morning I’m cold and alone
For there’s nobody else that lives in my home
I started my car and went out for a ride
And passed the old dog’s home; there was barking inside.
Well I pulled up right there and thought they sounded lonely
So I looked in each cage and saw just one dog only.
They must be kept separate in case they should fight
But it s lonely in a cage when there’s nothing to bite.

I got to the end of the rows of the dogs
There were cats in the next ones; they were looking for frogs
They looked up at me like I didn’t count much
They were more interested in finding their lunch.
I walked slowly back towards my old car
When this huge grey dog brushed up to my arm
He whimpered and shook like something was wrong
But he licked me as his tail wagged, ‘saying please take me home.’

Well we just kinda looked at each other that day
As I tried to decide if I should take him away
The keeper said sadly, shaking his head
He hasn’t much time left, he’s old; soon be dead.
That dog wriggled and wiggled and licked me again
Could it be love ? I wondered in vain.
How great it would be to open my door
And find a grey horse sprawled on my floor

He’s as big as a horse and would eat twice as much
But he loves my attention, my strokes and my touch
You see he is deaf so unless he can look
He’d have no idea what I said when I spoke.
He’d know that I loved him because I was kind
And he would just love me even if I were blind
For dogs can look straight into a man’s heart
And tell what’s inside you for they are so smart!.

Now my mornings I welcome when my feet touch the floor
My dog will be standing just outside the door
His mouth will be holding a slipper or shoe
As if he were saying, “I am ready for you.”
So we walk and I talk and he pays great attention
To things he can sniff that I don’t like to mention
But we’re friends now forever and we’ll never part
For as I look in his eyes he sees in my heart.

Wyn Barratt May 2012.


Marja Meijers said...

Wonderful Wyn, great stuff, animal poetry :)

Pam said...

So touching, Wyn. Do you have picture you could post?

Wyn Barratt said...

Thank you Marja and Pam.
I couldn't get the picture to sit up on top. I haven't
got the hang of this new Google system!

Photo courtesy of Jeffrey Gorick and Buddy!