Thursday, May 10, 2012

Nowhere In The World.

Nowhere in the world is a love like Yours
Nowhere in this world is there such love
It has been there forever and it came from God
And never will that love fly back above.

You planned to buy us back from the enemies’ bank
You died to make sure the debt was paid
No trick or trial from the depths of hell
Will work against the blood that was laid.

Even just a spot was drawn with agony
Pain You felt for Your own Mother’s heart
No short cut no negotiated plans were made
You paid the price with pain in every part.

But now where are You standing, my Saviour dear?
The gates of Paradise are open wide
I see the crowded streets and all the Saints of old
Packed together just to welcome us inside.


Wyn Barratt May 2012.

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