Friday, May 24, 2013

It Has To Be You

It has to be You, Lord, it has to be You
Who shows me the way and tells me what to do
I muddle and flounder; I puzzle and test
All of the waters, choosing what I think best.
I want You to lead me to point out the way
So there will be no doubt You are leading today
You are my Master, my Saviour, my Friend
I’m no good without You, my life may as well end.

Dear Lord please get hold of me in a grip that could hurt
For I’m tired of slipping right down in the dirt
You know how I need You, how I’d love to belong
To Your group of friends who are trustworthy and strong.
But as yet I don’t feel You have all of my brain
As Your Word keeps correcting me again and again
So Lord don’t give up on me and I will hold on
Until You can come for me or this world is gone.

Wyn Barratt May 2013

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