Wednesday, April 24, 2013

As Long As You're There Lord

As long as You’re there, Lord, as long as You’re there
My heart is resting, yet any challenge I’d dare
I’d leap a wall as high as the sky
Or plunge the depths when I know You are nigh.

As long as You’re there Lord ,that’s where I will be
I’d follow You across the wildest sea
I’d walk those waves if You hold my hand
Just point the way, Lord, I’m at Your command.

You took the burden I laid at Your feet
You gave Your life there on Calvary’s tree
You chose me Lord, when I stood condemned
You are my Saviour, my Lord, and my friend.

As long as I’m here, Lord, my love is all Yours
I’ll go where You lead if You open the doors
The whys and the wherefores of life may be strange
But with You as my Leader I can ride any range.

Wyn Barratt April 2013.

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