Monday, April 8, 2013

Holding You, Holding ME

When can I hold You and look in Your eyes?
When You are holding me.
I look around in joyful surprise
At the wonderful things I can see.

Your world astounds me as Your love surrounds me
How can I be depressed?
Grace is the ocean that sets life in motion
When in Your love I am dressed.

A hope and a future, Your promise is true
You cannot tell a lie
Whatever the Word says on that we can stand
Then with God we can see eye to eye.

Trials and troubles are the rocks we can climb
For a better view now of You
Stumbles and tumbles open up wounds
For a look at what’s inside us too.

So change me, rearrange me until I can see
That my ‘old man’ is buried and gone
Keep my heart soft and tender until my life’s ended
And we’re holding each other as one.

Wyn Barratt April 2013.

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