Wednesday, April 3, 2013

There's A New Day Dawning.

There’s a new day dawning when I hope I won’t be here
I’ll be standing at the pearly gates with a smile and not a tear
I’ll look down through a cloudy sky at those I left behind
But you know that I am happy and I know that you won’t mind.

I will still be praying for all my friends down there
And the Father may be saying, ‘They know that you still care’.
So if one day you notice that I am not around
You’ll remember I’m not lying in a hole down in the ground.

I may not leave the Saviour’s side for many many days
But then Saint Paul you just can’t hide. I’ll find you in that maze
I want to ask what you thought, and look into your head
And when I have the answers I’ll find someone else instead.

I don’t know who may be next that I will want to meet
Like Abraham or Moses who accepted no defeat
King David’s Psalms are dear to me and so he will be too
All this will keep me occupied while I have to wait for you.

Wyn Barratt April 2013.

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