Friday, September 6, 2013

You're Always There

You’re always there though I’m not aware
For sometimes I’m shadowed by doubt
I look into myself and see only misgivings
Forgetting that living is why You sent me out.

Trying for perfection drives me to distraction
Yet Your Spirit will teach me the way
You want me to surrender or I’ll break if not bended
So Father, I’ll do things Your way.

You’re always there and You know how I need You
But I want to feel You are near
Yes, Lord, I have faith, but it’s not always awake
Empty space can be something I fear.

Then I feel alone even though I’m at home
And in silence I gaze at the walls
They are vacant and bland in this beautiful land
Yet I’m sheltered from harm here of course.

So inside or out, it’s not You I’m without
You are closer to me than my breath
My thought processes are messes to drag from recesses
And my faith will be exercised yet.

Love You, Lord……………..


Sept 2013.


Jo Ann Fore said...

Hey sweet friend, I'm trying to find you on Facebook -- are you still there? Emailed you and the email was returned. I have a very important book I want you to see. <3

Love you and miss you!
Jo Ann

Wyn Barratt said...

Hi Jo Ann,

Sorry you missed me. I moved house 1000km south and had no Internet for weeks. I live near my eldest daughter now and have her company which is wonderful!
Love you too!