Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Friend

I was sitting on a wooden bench and looking out to sea
When a shadow passed across my face as someone sat by me
It was a friend I recognised; someone so dear to me
We hugged; sat down; and once again, were gazing out to sea.

The sky then seemed more interesting, the waves were higher too
That happens when someone else is there to talk to you
Our meetings are not frequent for we each have our own lives
So if we chance to meet it is a pleasant surprise.

You see we’re joined in fellowship under the Hand of God
Perhaps we’re even soul mates for we’re like peas in a pod
We can sit together quietly and not express our thoughts
At other times we chat about people, God, or sports.

When it’s time for a parting we will just walk away
And wave goodbye and say we’ll meet again another day
Friendship doesn’t fade with meeting infrequently
We will remember the day we sat together by the sea.

Wyn Barratt.
May 2011

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