Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Will Heaven Wait?

Will Heaven wait till I’m perfect?
What happens if that cannot be?
When I’m forgiven I’m perfect
For a moment, till You convict me

Of something I said that I shouldn’t
Or didn’t do what I should.
I am such a disappointment
Why is it I just can’t be good?

Now I realise that I’m far from perfect
And what a hard job that You have
To get me ready for Heaven
When I keep turning good into bad.

But wait! There is more to this story
For Your Word says when You look at me
You see me through Christ’s own Glory
And the Cross where He died for me.

I am washed in the blood of my Saviour
And so I look perfect to You
Conviction and trials will make me
A much better image of You.

Wyn Barratt
May 2011.

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