Thursday, May 5, 2011

Reduce The Size Of Your Army

Reduce the size of your army
In your own strength you will not avail
It is God Who fights the battle
His power and His strength will prevail.

So step up beside Him in armour
Holding the shield of Faith
His timing is what is important
Though He may ask you to wait.

He knows that waiting’s not easy
When the battle rages around
But He will move at the right time
Whenever troubles abound.

Be strong, be brave and courageous
God will not let you down
Yield to His perfect judgement
Then the turmoil will cease all around.

His Peace will shelter and shield you
He holds you safe in His arms
Nothing can tear you from His care
And nothing will do you harm.

You are His precious disciple
Growing more like Him each day
One day we’ll see Him returning
That one day may be today.

Wyn Barratt
May 2011.


Marja said...

Thank you Wyn, awesome words. They remind me of Joshua 1:8, be strong and courageous!
Glad you posted this!

wyn said...

But then I wrote this true story today!! I'm one mixed up kid!!!

I never did like free will and I am so tired of that
I make ill-informed decisions, toss ideas in a hat
I move forward, backwards, sideways to test out each new plan
But all of my decisions are the worst ones known to man.

So, Father, please control me, free will’s no good to me
I want Your will to rule me, but I can’t wait and see.
If patience is a virtue then I have just missed out
For ASAP is my code word and that’s what I’m about.

I am restless and impatient; my long-time goals and dreams
Have never yet been realised and it’s too late, it seems
I’m told I need a comfy house and that I have, it’s true
Then I should have something to love and to look forward to.

The latter two are missing. What can I look forward to?
That sort of thing is useless, when you are one, not two.
Things I can love cost money, its heaps to own a cat
A dog will even want real meat; I’m no millionaire, that’s that!

So what can I envisage as my future (short, I hope)
I’ve got to think of something, I’m at the end of my rope
Perhaps I’ll take up painting though not the walls this time
But a beautiful dreamtime painting that I can step inside.

Wyn Barratt.
May 2011