Thursday, April 28, 2011

If I Could.

If I could, I’d paint the scenes folk could step into
I’d write words of beauty to show Your majesty
Tell stories of the Boy Who grew to manhood
Just to die for all of us at Calvary.

I want to show the world a God Who loves them
I need the words to tell how much You care
I want to see so many souls grow hungry
For a God Who always loves and cares.

I’d show a God Who holds the stars and planets
But Who will stoop to lift a helpless babe
A God Who puts His arms around the dying
And Who rolled away the stone from His Son’s grave.

My heart is full of wordless emotions
I cannot find the words to tell you how I feel
If I lived to be more than a hundred
I would still want to say ‘My God is Real’!

Wyn Barratt
April 2011.


Marja said...

beautiful words Wyn, hope you're doing better, feeling better, living better. You are loved and highly favored! (and often thought of)

wyn said...

Yes, thank you Marja. I have been dosed with a bucket of extra prayer I think for I am feeling happy and optimistic especially now I have to determined to buy a little cat to keep me company!
We all need to be able to give love as well as receive it whether we live alone or not.