Friday, April 22, 2011

End Of An Era.

It’s the end of an era and I’m tidying up my life
Closing down my websites and withdrawing from that life
I became too dependant and attached to certain things
Hanging out for messages at dawn (that sort of thing).

Yes, I had special times with God at the start of every day
Then I would go to look for mail to help me to pray
Hearing of the needs of those who took the time to write
Yearning to be with them and make everything alright.

I live like a hermit and don’t like to leave my home
Yet wish I could go miles away and ceaselessly roam
I have no commitments except to take my pills
I don’t know if they do me good; they’re no cure for my life’s ills.

I don’t feel needed or wanted yet I know that is not true
Just wait until you are old; it will happen to you
My body’s giving up on me, my brain will follow suit
If only God would take me Home you’d not hear me dispute.

So I’m sorting and packing the things that matter most
Moving to God’s waiting room, yet watching for the post
Maybe there will be some mail that changes my day
There’s nothing in my emails to cheer me anyway.

Wyn Barratt.
April 2011.


Marja said...

Dear Wyn, I am so sorry social media has disappointed you (again). I wish the distance was not so great between us, so we could talk over tea... Hope and pray you will feel better soon!
Your blogging friend from Holland...

maz said...

Aw Wyn. (((hugs))) for you.
I have found your poems and verse very comforting over some very difficult times in our lives. Please know you have touched my heart so far away in Scotland.
Maz x

wyn said...

Thank you for your kind words.
I have left a couple of websites and rarely visit one other.
I deactivated my Facebook page but couldn't see the photos of the Greatgrandchildren and since no-one would enail them to me I caved in and went back to FB again!
I'm trying to only look when I'm called!! I won't be closing my blog though,

wyn said...

Bless you Maz! Thank you for those kind words. I seem to be in a surreal haze since Geoff died although it is over a year now.
I am struggling to find purpose in spite of my Faith and poetry.
I won't be giving up my blog site or Shoutlife. I have closed two other sites and intend to spend much less time on the net, at least while I try to find my future direction.