Friday, May 20, 2011

Love Never Fails.

Love never fails I’m told, yet it will sometimes change
God alone the only One Whose love always prevails.
Human love grows hot then cold as interest falls away
Hearts are bruised and damaged and love dies one sad dark day.

When you are told, “I’ll always love you”; that will warm your heart
But oh, the cold that grips you when that one desires to part
You see true love’s unselfish, but the selfish person finds
It is easy to say goodbye as soon as they have changed their mind.

It’s only God can teach us how to truly love
For Jesus died at Calvary the epitome of true love
No sacrifice was too much for He gave up His all
He loved us though we didn’t care about Him at all.

So Lord, please help us love folk just the way you do
To be faithful and constant whatever they may do
Love is always kind and leaves the judging to God
Jealousy comes straight from Hell whenever satan gets the nod.

So let’s remember love is kind and longsuffering
Love is never jealous, or takes account of anything
Love rejoices in the truth, love never fails
The love of God never failed when Jesus took the nails.

Wyn Barratt.
May 2011.

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