Wednesday, September 14, 2011

No Sea?

I see huge waves on the horizon and so far out to sea
They burst up high and upwards like the water I boil for tea
Yet closer into shore they are just lapping gently
Yes, it is the ocean that I love and I know it’s plain to see.

I love all of God’s creation and the land in beauty lies
Carpeted with grasses, trees, and flowers to feast the eyes
But the thing that mostly thrills me, is this glorious sea
Of all of God’s creations it’s the most beautiful to me.

But, friend, I find I’m troubled, for though God’s Word I love to read
But somewhere I am sure it says in Heaven there’ll be no sea
If that is true, then, Father when Jesus comes for me
Will You ask Him to forget me and leave me by the sea?

Wyn Barratt
Sept 2011.

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