Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I was wandering aimlessly, nowhere to go
Looking for friendships with those that I know
But the friendships didn’t fill the gap; I needed the best
And my heart was just yearning for comfort and rest.

I took up my Bible which I often did
But saw judgments and fear; so those pages I hid
Then my eyes lit on these words I’ll never forget
“I have chosen you” and right there I found rest.

I no longer called out, “Choose me, Oh, choose me!”
In silent appeal at the folk I would see
For I had now realised the decision wasn’t mine
I was chosen by God and not picked from a line.

Not chosen as the best looking girl in the bunch
Or because I took someone important to lunch
I was chosen by God because He has loved me
So much that His Son chose to die on that tree.

So I’d like you to know God has chosen you too
And there’s only one wise thing I think you should do
That’s to step forward and stand by His side
For with Jesus as your Saviour you won’t want to hide.

Wyn Barratt Sept 2011.

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