Saturday, September 10, 2011


Sometimes it seems I’m wasting the days you gave to me
Sometimes it seems I spend them hanging round
But the times I spend with You, Lord, when I’m on bended knee
They’re the greatest and the best times I have found.

You are never too busy to sit and talk with me
You never turn Your face the other way
It seems that all the problems that come to bother me
Are not too much for You to help me with today.

Sometimes I may forget Lord, to thank You for Your love
Yet there’s no way that You ever forget me
And so I’m here to say, Lord, as I’m looking up above
Thank You, thank You, dear Lord, for loving me.

I never will forget Lord that day at Calvary
When You walked right to the cross ready to die
You did it for all of us, but especially for me
So I want to say I love You, and that’s no lie.

You rose again in triumph and over death in victory
And set the power of Heaven at our right hand
Now Your Holy Spirit our Comforter will be
As He teaches, guides and leads to Gloryland.

Wyn Barratt
Sept 2011.

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