Monday, September 26, 2011

Another Day Another Grumble

Another day, another chance to serve You, precious Lord
I’m trying not to grumble, it’s a fault I can’t afford
It only takes a glance outside to tell me that You care
The floor needs washing once again, but I will praise You there.

The rain has stopped, the sky is blue, so the washing can be done
I’ll sing to You as I hang it out so I won’t feel so blue
I’ll get the better of my feelings that remind me that I’m down
And lonely most of every day, but that won’t win my crown.

For I know that You are always there and I chat to You all day
But I wish a human being would pass along this way
Yes, I know that I have neigbours who are not too far away
But they’re too busy yelling at their screaming kids most days

I know the dogs are lonely too for I listen to their barks
And listen; listen; listen; it really is no lark.
Well, now I’m grumbling again and wishing things would change
If I could run away to sea I would be well out of range.

Wait, just a mo’, I’m not so sure about going out to sea
For way out on the ocean who would visit me?
I will stay home, and scrape my chairs, and let my back door bang
Then my neighbour is sure to call and greet me with a frown.

Wyn Barratt.
Sept 2011.


Marja said...

Hi Wyn,
Another poem about loneliness... is that how you feel, I wonder. I hope your family will come by soon. My niece and her husband are traveling through Australia at the moment, maybe I can send them over for a cup of tea :)

wyn said...

I am suffering from the 'Carer's Curse!' The result of too many years housebound with visiting medical staff. No one visits but whereas before I had Geoff now I talk to God and myself!!
My social skills are non existent. My eldest daughter is arriving on Wednesday and taking me back to her home for a while where no doubt her teenage son will bring me into the present Century!!