Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Am I Dreaming?

I am in a sphere that’s moving; it looks like a drop of rain
I am rolling then falling, then rolling, and falling again and again
How did I come to be here? When will this dream end?
If this sphere should burst what will happen? Will I just fall again?

One moment I’m lying snugly in my warm comfy bed
Then I must have dozed off for I was falling, but not falling out of bed.
First it seemed that I stood on a hilltop; on a glorious carpet of green
Yet the moon was shining down on me completing an eerie scene.

There were donkeys climbing the hillside with flowers around their head
They were dragging something behind them; some little kid in his bed
I think I should have been frightened but I heard someone calling out
“There’s no more cheese for your supper, it’s making scream and shout!”

Wyn Barratt.
Sept 2011.


Marja said...

Falling asleep sometimes feels like literally falling, it wakes me up :)

wyn said...

Me too! Pity about the cheese!

Anonymous said...

How perfectly dreamy and inspiring. I love it.

Much love,

wyn said...

Thank you Marcia!
Happy to meet you and now following,

Love and blessings,