Friday, September 16, 2011

Changing Things.

I know I can’t end my life span
So instead I will change things for me
My life’s out of line for I spend too much time
On things unimportant you see.

Like Facebook where I read with interest
All the antics of family and friends
I send the odd comment with humour
But no answer my humour commends.

I may just as well have done nothing
I wish I could live in a tent
With no window or zippered compartment
No one would know where I went.

I would like to live on an island
But with all the ‘mod cons’ there of course
No human beings are welcome
But a pet like a sweet little horse.

I could ride him all over the island
Teach him to pull me up from a pit
For that is my one bad habit
I dig a hole then fall right in it.

The future would always be rosy
Since no one would know my mistakes
Each sunrise would bring fresh adventure
No shopping or chewing tough steaks.

I could only eat fruit and fresh veggies
I’m too much of a goose to catch fish
They would wriggle and squirm and I’d drop them
They’d never be cooked on my dish.

From sunrise to sunset there’s freedom
To do what I want when I like
No TV to show all the bad things
No phone, no computer, no Skype.

Wyn Barratt
Sept 2011

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