Saturday, November 2, 2013

I Want To Write A Song For You

I want to write a song for You
A song that has no pride
With words declaring all my love
For You’ve been at my side
In war or peace in pain or grief
You never left me Lord
And how could I declare enough
The joy Your love affords.

No judgement, condemnation here
Your blood has washed away
The very stains that sin has made
Since my first human day.
Oh precious Lord, my Saviour dear
I worship at Your feet
Lord how I wish the world would know
That sin brings sure defeat.

Look at the cross those who deny
That Jesus died at all
Look at His blood and then deny
That He would save us all.
A simple act, an act of faith
Then give your life to Him
His blood will cleanse, His Spirit free
Your soul to fly with Him.

Eternity, life without end
Is a glorious song of songs
The road to Heaven has no bend
The road is straight but long
God’s music follows all the way
While myriad witnesses sing
And Christ our Lord will lead the band
Himself our Offering.

W.B. Nov 2013.


Elizabeth said...

Oh darlin Wyn I love love love this!
What a treasure you are in the Master's crown!

Wyn Barratt said...

Bless you Elizabeth! Sometimes I think I will just burst to release my longings to tell the Lord what He means to me.

Elizabeth said...

I understand that dear heart!