Friday, November 29, 2013

Are You Finding It Hard To Be Joyful?

Are you finding it hard to be joyful
In the trials that have fallen on you?
Stand close to the cross of the Saviour
And know He is praying for you.

There were times of great blessings around you
Though they may seem a long way away
In the pools of gentling waters
That soothed your tired soul on some days.

But now there’s a fire that’s burning
Refining the silver that is you
The Lord knows just when He will end it
His timing is perfect, that’s true.

You and He are in this together
You are never standing alone
He already sees you as perfect
He prepares you to enter His Home.

It’s alright to call on God’s family
To hold your name up to the Throne
You have brothers and sisters in Jesus
So never feel lost and alone.

WB Nov 2013.

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