Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I Hear Your Voice

I hear Your voice in the rumbling of the thunder
I see Your smile in the smile of a child
I hear Your songs from birds and running waters
And admire Your creations for mile after mile.

Gentle are the hands that care for all our babies
An arm around our shoulders will take our cares away
The cross upon the hill is the sign of the Atonement
You purchased with Your blood on that terrible day.

Saffron in the skies and another day is over
Hope for tomorrow already on its way
Mothers at the windows looking for their children
Fathers weary footsteps going homeward today.

Love is the chain that binds us all together
Family the unit ordained by God
Gentle awareness of those who need us
Loving like the Father and living for God.

W.B. Nov 2013


Elizabeth said...

Amen Ms. Wyn!

That's exactly what's it all about!

Wyn Barratt said...

Loving like the Father! Amen!