Sunday, August 25, 2013

Feel The Spirit

Are you standing in the rain?
Is your baby sick again?
Close your eyes, feel the Spirit touching you
Have the dark clouds rolled on by?
Are you stifling a cry?
Breathe in softly for the Spirit is with you.

Bad days will come and go
They’ve been before, and this you know
Breathe in softly for the Spirit’s at your side
Lift your head up from your hands
God loves you so and He has plans
Breathe out softly for the Spirit heard your sigh.

As God’s Peace drifts through the door
Breathe it in, but wait, there’s more
For the Spirit came inside and will remain
God has said He’ll not leave you
He keeps His word and He loves you
You are in this fight together, praise His name!

W.B Aug 2013

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