Friday, August 30, 2013

Reflecting Light

As the sun shines on the ocean may we reflect the light of God
When the clouds have made it darken we remember paths we’ve trod
When the rain adds to its bounty we can watch the way Christ walked
And become His loyal followers obeying all He taught.

Following Jesus Christ our Saviour as He leads us day by day
Holding out the hand of friendship to those we meet along the way
Let’s remember to forget ourselves and think of those God loves
For we’re not always in a boxing ring and wearing sparring gloves.

Can we spread peace and love to others in the way Christ did to us?
Can we plod quietly through life’s turmoil and never make a fuss?
I know that doesn’t sound like me but I’m sure going to try
I’ll give that boxing ring a miss and quietly walk on by.

Following Jesus……………………

W.B Aug 2013.


PoppaK said...

I love this Walela!
It's a message I needed today, and you did it all with a
beautiful poem. God Bless You!

Anonymous said...

I am glad I am on the end of the line when God calls me, dear Poppa!! Love you!