Tuesday, August 13, 2013

All The Precious Things You Do

How can I not sing songs to You
For all the precious things You do
Yes, though the sun should fail to rise
Your love shines out through loving eyes.
Problems and puzzles strewn my path
Rising before me, and I ask
Dear Father guide me just for today
Lest I despair and turn away.

The little things, the big, big bills
Cannot submerge me in life’s ills
For You are my strength, my hope, my life
My future planned, Your love is life.
Knowing your mercy will provide
Comfort and safety on every side
And then, at last, the sky will light
And chase away depressing night.

The orange glow, that happy sign
That soon the sunlight will be mine
What warmth, what laughter in the sky
The Master comes; sorrow’s denied
For who could fail to hope and dance
Under the light; it’s warmth not chance
For You Lord, made both light and shade
The woods, the hills, those treasured glades.

Needs of the day a minor thing
When I praise You and hear birds sing
When my prayers rise up into the sky
And I can feel Your presence nigh
Oh, join me, children of our God
Sing too, His praises as angels nod
And add to ours their worship pure
Our God is eternal and His love will endure.

W.B. Aug 2013.

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