Sunday, August 25, 2013

What Does Love Do?

She is alone, new town and new people
Another silent house except for noise from some rats
She looks through the window for people or movement
Hungering for friendship but just seeing cats.

What does love do?

Love senses the hole that needs filling with people
Friends from her old world and new friends to make
Is someone else lonely; is there someone to talk to?
A place where folk gather? A smile or handshake?

What would love do?

A seat on a pew? She will always be welcome
Half empty churches a great place to start
‘What is your name dear? Thank you for coming.
See you next week; don’t forget when we start’.

What can love do?

She is thankful for old friends, still faithfully writing;
That she’s not yet forgotten though far out of sight
Dazzled by views that are set out before her
But no one to share all that beauty so bright.

What will love do?

Seek out the places that need volunteers
Hoping to find some that don’t request fees
Reading the noticeboard next to the doctors’
Maybe there’s someone she may be able to please.

W.B AUG 2013.

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