Friday, February 22, 2013

Light My Fire.

I am calling for the elderly to chew the fat with me
How different do you feel today to when you were thirty three?
In years gone by with heavy logs I built retaining walls
Concrete steps were not too hard and I never had a fall.

My legs were strong they didn’t shake or wobble on a step
And the flowers that I planted were photographed in health
But now I‘m touching 85 (well in some months I’ll be)
And the very thought of labouring can bring me to my knees.

Now I have told a little lie because my knees won’t bend
For as soon as they have reached the floor pain sends me round the bend.
Now I have to tell you, dear old friends that I’ve just had a big surprise
For yesterday I built an edge with every brick that caught my eyes.

They came from corners of my yard, that were holding up this and that
But now they’re much more useful as an edging that can catch
The water flowing from next door and drains under the fence
Then once it runs right down the yard, it flows back under her fence! 

So I’m surprised I had the strength with my old creaking back
To give my neighbour ‘what for’ and send their wastage back
It seems to me it does depend on if my feelings are strong
And then my ire will light a fire and my muscles can’t go wrong.

Wyn Barratt  Feb 2012.


Pam said...

So funny, Wyn. My mom is 80 and she would relate very well to this! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

ty Wyn for posting mom just turned 80.

Wyn Barratt said...

Pam , well done for your Mom.
I am enjoying hearing About people my age tossing their inhibitions through the window and expressing some fiery opinions. If we don't say it now we may never say it!!

Wyn Barratt said...

Happy birthday to your mom Kelly. Encourage her to tell it like it is!!