Saturday, February 26, 2011

Just Thinking.

Just sitting, and thinking, then thinking again
About something or nothing at all.
Watching the birds as they fly round about
Then I’m looking at plants tall and small.

Watching the clouds as they drift on by
Wonder if they’ll ever be still?
Or, if they stood still would they tumble as rain
Or vanish just over some hill?

When You created the earth did You sit
And ponder how good it all looked
Or were You in sorrow because You knew then
What a mess we would make of that look.

When You come back to earth to take us all home
Will the earth be restored once again?
Or will it just lay there a smouldering wreck
To remind us that we hurt You again?

I’d be proud if You would send me to earth
To help restore it one day;
To plant out the garden that once was Your joy
Where You walked in the cool of the day.

And if You should call me, if You walk there again
I never, no never, would hide
I’d come out so gladly to hear Your dear Voice
Running till I reached Your side.

Wyn Barratt.
Feb 2011

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