Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Moonlit Night.

In the quiet of a moonlit night I watch the clouds roll by
The world is sheltered under a velvet hood
The colours of the flowers change when day is turned to night
And I understand why God said, “It is good.”

Oh the beauty of Creation; Oh the wonder of God’s touch
The millions of strange creatures that He made
But most of all the wonder of the Saviour’s special love
When for the people of the earth His Life He gave.

Then we shall praise Him for His sacrifice we’ll thank Him for this world
And for all the wondrous gifts He does bestow
For His constant loving Presence wherever we may roam
Oh Creator, Father, God, we love You so.

So at the end of a moonlit night I see a dawning day
We know that the sun will soon arise
The Son of God the Father will return again one day
We will see Him appear up in the skies.


Wyn Barratt March 2011


Marja said...

Oh, the wonder of God's creation... yes Wyn, I am amazed, every day, every morning when I wake up!
Beautiful words, thank you for sharing Wyn!

wyn said...

I'm not sure about having no more moonlit nights?

Thanks Marja!