Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I Am Setting My Spirit Free.

I am setting my spirit free.
I want You only near to me
Not to be my willing slave
You Who conquered death and grave
I need to have You hold me tight
Grip my hand with every fright
Warm my heart with Your sweet breath
Take away my fear of death

Please ease the pain of losing friends
Do I need them too much as life nears end?
Memories rest in sweet content
Remember me, my love was meant
To heal your wounds and soothe your pain
To be the sunshine in your rain
To give you hope when skies were grey
To show I’d never walk away.

My life was yours my love was too
How old I feel! Yet hope was new
Heaven’s drawing near, life’s sky is bright
Gone is my day; I welcome night
All will be well once I am home
A reunion no urge to roam
My spirit is no longer free
I’m Home, I’m held, just You and me.

W.B June ‘15


Rita Sue Hanks said...

This is beautiful Wyn, I'm learning, personally, that his presence is our home, all the way home..I woke up with your "walkabout word" writing I saw long ago on my mind, but haven't been able to find it...I love you, your blog is so stirring..

Wyn Barratt said...

Can I find something for you? My memory is shot but it still works a little. Love you!