Sunday, April 22, 2012

I Guess You Noticed?

I guess You noticed I’d been quiet since the time I have been ill?
I can’t begin to understand why I should go downhill.
I always thought that it would be a slow and slippery slide
Each day a little less would move or bump instead of glide.

But do You realise, my Lord, how scary it can be
To hold a cup that shakes and spills, or fall down on my knees?
I speak now with a great respect because I know you’re God
But You died at only thirty three , not eighty three, my God.

The things that don’t move never hurt but, my, the things that do
Just stab me with a thousand knives or maybe even two
It takes some concentration to sit up in my bed
While neighbours and their children race round, their faces red.

I still have my ‘to do ‘list that grows longer everyday
Because I just can’t do the things the horrid list will say
No don’t you join the list of folk who say, “Get someone in”
“The work will be done in no time. Just let your debts’ begin.”

‘We know your Pension will not cover the workmen’s hourly rate
But the rooms that they have fixed up will be really looking great
Then as your Pension dissipates you open the front door
And only let the callers see a little piece of floor’.

Wyn Barratt April 2012.

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