Friday, April 6, 2012

Rushin' Round.

I’m standing on a roundabout
Traffic rushing all around
I see a space in this mad race
Shall I jump and hit the ground?
Which way is right, which way is wrong
Dare I chance this game at all?
I could stand right here and never move
Till I’m pushed or perhaps I fall.

I can see that this is not the way
That I should live my life
For God has made a plan for me
That includes none of this strife.
So as I kneel down here in traffic’s roar
And give my life to Him
I see a sign down a narrow lane
That says ‘Take this way in.’

Wyn Barratt
April 2012.

1 comment:

Marja Meijers said...

So as I kneel down here in traffic’s roar... very well expressed Wyn. Beautiful words. I haven't been here in ages it seems... been out of the country and without internet, which is good every now and then. Hope you are doing good!