Friday, April 6, 2012

Why Am I Here?

There was a time, not long ago that I succumbed to doubt
Why was I here? What use was I? I couldn’t work it out.
My age advanced, my health not strong , more burden than much use
Yet God had still not called me home although I begged Him to.

More people seemed to pray for me than I need to pray for them
My health declined so rapidly and my usefulness did then
I volunteered for active roles; a worker I would be
Until I slipped into a grave and no one noticed me.

I’d barely turned a spade or two and planted out some land
When evil inward wriggling things brought that plan to an end
A hospital opened up its doors to treat Pneumonia
While angels flew round without wings and Heaven seemed nearer.

I dieted on mounds of pills till I was sent on home
The house I never thought to see was quiet, still; grass grown
I realised then that I still had important work to do
For God my Saviour sent me back to finish what was due.

One of His special faithful band was deep on a battleground
Attacked on all sides by enemy hordes desperate to keep her down
While I have breath to whisper a plea for a Holy God
He’ll send His praying warriors to fight for this child of God.

However many days may pass each one will do its work
For I am here to pray and pray for God’s family here on earth
The breath to whisper Jesus name is all the strength I’ll need
For God Himself knows all my heart and answers prayer at speed.

Wyn Barratt April 2012.

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