Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hide Me.

Hide me; the shadows are falling beside me
The long day is ending and I’ll be
Waiting for dawn once again
Guide me; the moon is not shining above me
Stars hidden by clouds and I can’t see
Darkness is deep once again.

My eyes close; I don’t need to see, for You’re leading
It doesn’t seem long since Your bleeding
When You won my heart, there and then
Your hand is warm; the scars from the nails are disturbing
I’d forgotten how much You were hurting
When You died both for me and all men.

I am Yours now; I know that You’ll never leave me
One day You will come and retrieve me
I watch for the dawn of that day
The skies will light up with all of Your glory
Your saints will sing the old story
As we praise that we followed, ‘The Way’.

Wyn Barratt
Feb 2012.

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