Friday, February 10, 2012

No Valentine?

Would that cloud in the sky hide your tear drops?
If you could fly right into it to hide
Or would the moisture it holds cause your tears to roll
Even faster and down to earth they’d slide?

Will the sun ever come out to warm you?
Will the rain and your tears ever dry?
Will the flowers catch the drops for their nectar
To feed the bees that are buzzing nearby?

Will the Angels come out to attend you?
Will they lift up your despondent heart?
Will they find a soul mate to befriend you?
Someone faithful and true from the start?

Do you cry for the moon and ask something
That no one could ever fulfil
Or is it just faintly possible
That your hopes might one day be filled?

As you look to the sky for a miracle
Don’t ponder on what might have been
Just walk on with hope for tomorrow
For tomorrow may bring a new scene.

Wyn Barratt
Feb 2012.

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