Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Empty Pews


Well, here is Sunday morning and the trillions in the world
Are in deep consideration; is it God’s turn to be heard?
From day to day and week to week He’s never in their thoughts
Unless they see some lightning and thunder runs its course
The thought will cross their mind at once to cry ‘Oh God help me’
Don’t let the lightning strike me, remember I’m Your child you see’.
It is the same should terror strike and fear wraps round their heart
That they are not immortal and I’m not in their heart.

Will anybody come to church to hear a word from Me?
Leave out the Ten Commandments we are modern here you see.
It’s now the ten suggestions; we have a free will choice
It’s better if we did not kill but I hear the world rejoice.
The bad guy’s gone the good will win; well, who is good or bad?
You all took up the cruel nails and yet the choice was Mine I had.
I chose to die that you might live, to give My life for yours
If you check the Ten Commandments you’ll not find in there a clause.

I gave my life up freely; your only path to God;
It took the life of your Creator to buy you back for God.
So remember that it’s Sunday and while empty pews abound
Don’t turn off your cell phone, a better message may come down.
Some one will say buy this, do that, your life will be a whizz;
But will it take you home to heaven when your breath ends with a fizz?
Have you forgotten, stone cold heart, that I loved you to death?
And as I hung upon the cross I said with My last breath,

“Father forgive them for they really don’t know what they do.
Then let My life become the bridge they walk across to You’’.
In church upon an empty pew; at home down on your knees;
At any place at any time Your God is one Who hears.
He watches out, He listens too, for every whispered prayer
If you should say you love Him, and mean it, every word,
Then you will just have made His day and everything’s worthwhile
For love returned though never earned is enough to make God smile.

Wyn Barratt 2012


Marja Verschoor-Meijers said...

Oh my goodness Wyn, you're on a mission here! Great words, well written. Thank you my friend.

Wyn Barratt said...

My responses to your comments seem to fall into a black hole, Marja!!

Jeff Gorick asked me to write on this subject, it is one I am sure the Holy Spirit feels strongly about!