Saturday, September 1, 2012

In The Shadows.

Waiting in the shadows, watching life go by
Others flying high now, free and in the sky
Wondering why I’m earth bound, what have I to give?
Shadows hold my secrets, another life to live.

Dreaming of a future but maybe I’m too late
Hoping no one notices, yet hoping I’d be great
At helping broken hearted ones, I’ve had mine broken too
Curing all diseases and making bodies new.

Holding hurting children, pouring out the love
That lies unused, unwanted, though given from above
Running at Your call, Lord, what would You have me do?
Your mission and Your power Lord will surely see me through.

Waiting in the shadows, silence all around
Listening for Your voice Lord, and longing to be found
Here I am so needy yet wanting to be used
Lord why did you make me? I need to be of use.

Wyn Barratt  Sept 2012.

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