Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Perception is an awkward word for it always seems to me
That everyone’s perception is so difficult to see.
If I say, “Describe and elephant” or something there might be
Standing right before you, what you and I both see
May sound completely different and if we should close our eyes
To see what you’re describing it may be a surprise.
You may see white while I see black and another may say it’s grey
You may see fun in something that I don’t see that way.

I bought some carpet recently and the salesman said to me
It’s three hundred dollars extra to move the furniture you see
Now I just fumed, then panicked for my furniture was worth
Just about half three hundred; a quarter of the carpet’s worth.
When I said, “Forget the carpet, I don’t agree to that”
The salesman had another ace just underneath his cap
He quickly fudged the figures and the carpet’s price went up
The price for moving furniture then two hundred dollars off.

The total cost was just the same but my perception changed
The carpet sale continued, but I think I am deranged
For I had been persuaded to see things a different way
Yet I had not saved a penny! I should be put away!
Yes, perception is an awkward word and I am here to say
That everyone’s perceptions will differ in every way
I much prefer statistics for facts can never lie
My carpet cost remained the same and that perception’s mine.

Wyn Barratt Oct 2011.

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