Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Strange New Land.

There's a strange new land across the highlands
It's surrounded by a wide and mighty sea
No boats are ever seen to cross it
And the trees never, never, turn green.

You may hear the frogs beside the water
Or splashing in the mud around the creeks
The strangest thing I've seen is that the frogs are not green
Did their colour slip away in their sleep?

Once that land was invaded by giant tractors
And men who drove around in great big trucks
They drilled and dug and messed around with earth works
Till the earth worked out that it was done for bucks.

Well, the men in yellow hats and some with white ones
Declared that progress was coming to that land
The creatures still alive crept away and tried to hide
But their food was gone in a black and slimy land.

So now it's called 'the land of no tomorrows'
Yet God gave the earth into our care
Do we tell our children stories of a dreamtime
When we had a lush green earth for all to share?

We are surely the caretakers of Creation
God gave a commission to us all
To take care of the land and its people
We must count the cost of destroying it all.

Wyn Barratt
Oct 2011.

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