Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Put The Kettle On.

However hard the day may be, however bad the news
If Mum said, “Put the kettle on” we, lost our fear and blues
When we returned late from our school, wet and cold from a long walk
Then Mum would put the kettle on as we warmed and had a talk.

It wasn’t that our Mum was rich or had nothing much to do
But she knew the power in a cup of tea and what is good for you
I don’t know that the tea had power except antioxidants
But there was comfort in her words and it seemed to make good sense.

Those words held far more comfort than, “Rinse the cups out in the sink”
Or “Turn on the tap and get yourself some cold water to drink”.
Through all our years of growing up we understand ‘Mother power’
That if all else fails put the kettle on it; it will be your finest hour.

Wyn Barratt
Oct 2011.

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